Former Students and Lab Members

Rachel Fine

Former Lab Manager and Research Assistant
Currently a PhD student at the University of Michigan

Neil Albert

Former Postdoctoral Scholar
Visiting Asst. Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience; Learning Assessments Coordinator; Colgate University

Dan Lyons

Former Postdoctoral Scholar
Adjunct Faculty, Carthage College
Education Director, Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum

Lori Petersen

Former Postdoctoral Scholars
Asst. Professor of Psychology, Purdue University Calumet

Lisa Sprute

Former Postdoctoral Scholar

Jay Todd

Former Postdoctoral Scholar
Sr. Scientist, Exponent

Marci DeCaro

Ph.D., Psychology, 2009
Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University
Asst. Professor, University of Louisville

Carly Kontra

Ph.D., Psychology, 2014
Research and Analytics Sr. Associate, Medallia


Ian Lyons

Ph.D., Psychology, 2012
Asst. Professor, Georgetown University

Annie Deaun Park

Ph.D., Psychology, 2014
Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Pennsylvania


Gerardo Ramirez

Ph.D., Psychology, 2013
Asst. Professor; University of California, Los Angeles

Shu-Ju Yang

Ph.D., Psychology, 2011
Market Insight Manager, Cigna

Oana Basu

M.A., Psychology, 2011

Ana Chocarro

M.A., Psychology, 2012

Sonica Dhillon

M.A., Psychology, 2006

Cameron Hecht

M.A. Psychology, 2013
Graduate Student; University of Wisconsin, Madison

Lauren Holt

M.A., Psychology, 2005

Jodi Kanter

M.A. Psychology, 2013

Emma McGuire

M.A., Psychology, 2012

Richard Redding

M.A., Psychology, 2008

Danielle Rendina

M.A., Psychology, 2012

Kristin Rotar

M.A., Psychology, 2009

Kay Striggow

M.A., Psychology, 2010
Graduate Student, Northwestern University

Marguerite Walsh

M.A. Psychology, 2013

Caroline Fitz

Former Lab Manager
Graduate Student, George Washington University

Katie Foster

Former Lab Manager
Graduate Student, University of Michigan

BJ Owens

Former Lab Manager

Matt Cieslak

Former Research Assistant
Graduate Student, University of California at Santa Barbara

Courtney Gregor

Former Research Assistant
Graduate Student, John Hopkins University

Michael Hoerger

Former Undergraduate Research Assistant
Asst. Professor fo Psychology and Psychiatry, Tulane University


Allison Liu

Former Research Assistant
Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

Jennifer Lyu

Former Research Assistant

Natalie Talbert

Former Research Assistant

Emily Greenwood

Undergraduate Student
Graduate Student, University of Rochester